Monday, September 1, 2003

More Hillary ... ugh
Thanks Mario for kicking up more Hillary storm: ["MARIO: I'D JUMP ONTO HILL PREZ BANDWAGON"]. Ugh. Go away already! Susan Estrich was on FoxNews talking about how the Clintons are continually sucking up all the air from the Democratic Party. She is so right. I am so sick of them. However, it is funny that Cuomo rears his ugly head. I was just talking about how great Phil Hartmann used to do Mario Cuomo. On Saturday Night Live back in 1991, they did a bit on the anti-presidential debate - candidates who were refusing to run and why. Al Franken was Sen. Paul Simon, John Lovitz was Gov. Mike Dukakis, and Hartmann was Cuomo, looking sickly with his droopy face. "I have mob ties!" he screamed as his reason for not running. What a great bit.

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