Sunday, September 28, 2003

Holy sh*t, Part 2
The Justice Dept. opens a probe of the White House on the outing of a CIA agent: ["The Wilson War Continues"]. It will be very interesting to see what happens with this.

Dean's Texas Rangers love to speed
So I'm traveling up I-93, north of Concord, to visit one of my sisters who is up for a short vacation with her grandmother, when three vans full of Howard Dean's Texas Rangers zoom by. The vans, labeled "Lakes Region," were driving way over 80 mph. Candidates and campaigners are always in a hurry. So, speeding vans with volunteers shouldn't be a surprise. But, it really doesn't look good when vans full of campaign workers are driving that far above the speed limit.
According to a press release forwarded by N.H. Press Secretary Dorie Clark, 146 activists from Texas arrived in New Hampshire to go door-to-door this weekend to share their experiences with President Bush.

More poll numbers
A University of Cincinnati poll released two days ago shows the faltering Joe Lieberman campaign with a solid lead in Ohio. Lieberman has 22 percent, followed by Dick Gephardt with 14 and Dennis Kucinich with 9 percent, his best numbers in any state poll but hardly anything to brag about since this is his home state. These are also some of Lieberman's best numbers, especially since he has slipped from the lead in South Carolina.
Zogby's latest N.H. poll shows Dean with a solid 10 point lead over John Kerry: Dean - 30 percent, Kerry - 20 percent, and Wesley Clark - 10 percent. Kerry has gained some points since Zogby's last poll, probably because he has been running cable ads for a number of weeks. A Marist poll of N.H. has similar numbers: Dean with 35 percent, Kerry at 22 percent, and Clark with 11 percent.
Speaking of Clark, even though he has only been in the race for days, he has pulled into the lead in Wisconsin with 18 percent. Lieberman is at 14 percent, with Dean at 11 percent and Gephardt at 10 percent.
According to internal polling released by the Edwards campaign, he has a 10 point lead in South Carolina: Edwards 23 percent, Clark 13 percent, Al Sharpton and Lieberman with 8 percent. This isn't too surprising since Edwards is from a neighboring state and has also tailored his trade message to target NAFTA job losses, a huge issue in South Carolina.
Lastly, a Quinnipiac University poll for New Jersey shows Lieberman at 17 percent with Clark at 16 percent, Kerry at 14 percent, Gephardt at 13 percent and Dean with 12 percent. Sharpton has 9 percent. New Jersey is one of the very late primaries, held on June 1, so the field will probably be whittled down by then.

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