Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Obama inches over majority delegate threshold but ...

Hillary won't quit. She's also $31 million in the hole now, money that Obama will be expected to help her raise if he wins the nomination. So, let me get this straight: Hillary can continue to burn through money like this, hurting Obama's general election chances, but he will be expected to help her raise more money to pay off her bills? And we wonder why Democrats can't be trusted to run things? That's not party unity, that's insanity. That's rewarding backstabbing. It's ridiculous.

Clinton: 459,145 65 percent
Obama: 209,771 30 percent
Uncommitted: 18,029 3 percent

McCain: 142,855 72 percent
Huckabee: 16,239 8 percent
Paul: 13,439 7 percent
Uncommitted: 10,630 5 percent
Romney: 9,151 5 percent
Giuliani: 3,126 2 percent
Keyes: 2,138 1 percent

Obama: 330,533 58 percent
Clinton: 235,937 42 percent

McCain: 262,433 85 percent
Paul: 45,978 15 percent

Anyone know what John Cox received since some of his campaign folks are still saying that there is going to be a floor fight on the GOP convention floor and he will slip in as the nominee?

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