Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Piling on Hillary ...

The Edwards endorsement of Obama is clearly a move to pile on.
I just took a quick look at the C-Span footage of Edwards and Obama from Michigan and while Edwards was extremely gracious towards Clinton in his speech, this move is a clear message: It's time to get behind the person who is going to be the nominee.
"When this nomination battle is over ... and it will be over soon ... we must come together as Democrats ..." etc.
Drudge is wondering if Obama and Edwards are "The Ticket?" but I doubt that is going to happen. I think if Edwards had stayed in and had more than 26 delegates on hand, maybe. The New York Times is reporting tonight that Edwards might reconsider his earlier comments that he would consider the VP slot or a cabinet position: ["John Edwards endorses Barack Obama"].
I like John Edwards a lot. I voted for him in the primary. His message is clear and he is correct. But he was not the best VP candidate in 2004 [granted, that was mostly John Kerry's campaign's fault, handcuffing him] I don't know if he would be the best one for Obama. I don't know who would be but I don't think Edwards is the best choice.
However, check out this line in the Times story:
But privately, he told aides that he would consider the role of vice president, and favored the position of attorney general, which would appeal to his experience of decades spent in courtrooms as a trial lawyer in North Carolina; and his desire to follow in the footsteps of Robert F. Kennedy, one of his heroes.
Now, that's the way to do it. Edwards as the AG would almost be as good as Ralph Nader being the AG. That's the way to go. Let's hope Obama is smart enough to make this move.

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