Friday, May 23, 2003

Herald confirms Whitley's on
["WRKO axes McCarthy and Vigue"] Dean Johnson makes an interesting point here about demographics. Whitley attracts an older crowd and the advertisers are looking for younger demos. Also, that WRKO is being "bled" by WTKK, the FM talker over at 96.9.

Texas Democrats as terrorists, Part 5
["DeLay admits to role in hunting for Democrats; DPS focus of 'potentially criminal' action"] Friggin' whoa!

"DeLay said his staff used public information at the Federal Aviation Administration to track former Texas Speaker Pete Laney's airplane."

This is outrageous! They can't do this. Is there any mechanism by which officials can be punished for misuse of the Homeland Security Department? If there isn't, there better be something put in there after this incident. Or better yet, let's just rescind the legislation. I would bet we would all truly be a lot safer then.

'Dr. Loudmouth' fan sentenced to jail for disturbing the peace
A California woman has been sent to jail for 10 days as punishment for not turning her radio down while listening to Dr. Laura "Loudmouth" Schlessinger: ["Judge sends message loud, clear"] This punishment seems kind of extreme - unless you lived next door to the woman. I don't understand why she just didn't turn down her radio, especially while listening to the truly awful Dr. Loudmouth. I also can't believe that there is nothing about what the noise ordinance is or whether she was given any warnings before being taken to court in the story.

Pols: $500 just isn't enough; and neither is the spending
Leaders in the supposed "great and honorable court" known as the Legislature had a hearing yesterday to raise the campaign contribution limits from $500 to $1,000. ["Double take: Rep floats fat campaign $ bill"] Some reforms were also added to the measure. However, this bill is an incumbency protection act. The legislators have very few challengers as it is now, without the increased donation. Common Cause and others are right to try and stop this.
On another story, also in the Boston Herald, the state senate has loaded down their version of the budget with more pork and pet projects:["Pull of pork: Senate leaders cash in as fees rise, aid sinks"] Eh, correct me if I am wrong but I thought there was a fiscal crisis going on? More cash for the racetrack industry? Sound barriers along Route 1? Give me a break. State Sen. Charlie Shannon is my state senator, and I also cover him as a newspaper editor. I guess I will have to give him a call this morning.