Thursday, May 22, 2003

Pat's Back?
All Access, a business radio site, is reporting that former WRKO morning yakker Pat Whitley will return to full-time work at the station, taking over the 9 a.m. to noon time slot. Whitley, who was part of the infamous Clapprood and Whitley show - with bleach blonde, chain-smoking, political bimbo and former state Rep. Marjorie Clapprood - will replace Darlene McCarthy and Doreen Vigue by June 2. Whitley has been doing a popular Sunday restaurant show at the station since being sacked in 1998, when the two were replaced by "hot talker" and right-wing lunatic Jeff Katz. A few weeks later, McCarthy joined Katz on the morning show but both were not long for the station. I don't know what the ratings were for McCarthy & Vigue and I admit that I didn't always listen. But when I did tune in, I thought the two of them had a good rapport, decent guests and topics, and a civil conversation. Maybe that is why they are being replaced. Whitley will provide listeners with a good show, no doubt about it - he always has in the past. And while I am not one for the whole diversity, affirmative action thing, McCarthy & Vigue provided an outlet for talk fans who wanted to listen to local female talk show hosts; something that is extremely rare in Boston these days.
In other radio news, heavy metal motor mouth Rocko, formerly of WAAF and WFNX, has landed at Cleveland rock station WMMS.

Holy sh*t or Texas democrats as terrorists, Part 4
As if anyone needed any more reason not to trust the government, especially the Homeland Security Dept., check out the latest from the cops chasing down those democratic legislators in Texas ["Democrats' probe runs into wall"] Obstructing justice? Destroying records? What the hell!

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