Sunday, May 25, 2003

Texas democrats as terrorists, the investigation continues ...
["DOT latest to investigate search for Laney's plane; Inquiry will probe FAA's role during walkout by Democrats"]

"Transportation Secretary Norm Mineta opened an inquiry Friday to determine whether the Federal Aviation Administration inappropriately helped look for one of the Democratic state representatives who left Texas to shut down the state House last week."

Keep it coming, Houston Chronicle! You'll get the smoking gun.

More hocus pocus?
The Sept. 11 Commission was told Friday that the military was so unprepared for the attacks that it scrambled unarmed fighter jets to meet the hijacked airlines: ["Military unprepared for 9/11 attacks"]
And what have we been spending th0se trillions on all these years?

Creepy news about implanting chips in humans
"Barcoding humans: The era of implanting people with identity chips is up on us"
In the Boston Globe no less. All I can say is this stuff gives me the creeps in a major way. I guess all those people who called me a nut 10 years ago when I started talking about this openly will have to apologize.