Saturday, May 17, 2003

Liberating Iraq? Think again ...
In Reversal, Plan for Iraq Self-Rule Has Been Put Off

" American and British diplomats leading reconstruction efforts here told exile leaders in a meeting tonight that allied officials would remain in charge of Iraq for an indefinite period..."

Wow. This is amazing - unless the reporter for the NYT is making it all up, which is plausible. However, the key now is, what will the democrats do with this information? Will they take on Bush, Cheney, Rummy, Inc., as liars and murderers or will they be silent? Will they just take them on about failed missions? The invasion was about weapons of mass destruction - which haven't been be found. The invasion was also about freeing the Iraqi people - which now isn't going to happen - "for an indefinite period." It was all about the oil. And at the same time, no one knows where Osama bin-Laden is - but we know that Al-quaida is regrouping and attacking Americans in Saudi Arabia and bombing Morocco. Amazing.

Texas democrats as terrorists, Part 3
U.S. Agency to Review Its Role in Hunt for Texas Lawmaker

"The Department of Homeland Security said today that it would conduct an
internal investigation to see if there was misuse of federal resources when the
department helped Texas law enforcement agencies in a politically inspired
search for the private plane of a prominent Democratic state legislator."

Heads should roll after this but more than likely, nothing will happen.

How to take down Bush Rich Procter nails it right on the head:

"The biggest problem the Democrats have isn't Bush's popularity. It's that voters fear voting for Democrats, because Democrats look like spineless, fraidy-cat wimps. The Republicans are the bully in the schoolyard, grabbing the candy of the other kids while the Democrats stand around muttering, 'I wish they wouldn't do that. That just isn't right. Somebody should do something...'"
Here is another idea for democrats ...
Steve Gilliard from the Daily Kos makes a really good point here: George Bush raised your taxes

"...while federal taxes are being cut for some, the massive increase in state and local taxes, due in part to an utter lack of federal relief and federal budget cuts for mandated programs, are hiking your taxes. It doesn't matter if Bush cuts your federal taxes if your property and sales taxes climb, costing you hundreds of dollars more a year. Any federal refund will be more than gobbled up by local and state hikes on everything from parking tickets to hunting licenses."

Right on! And you can add into that the fact that most working people will get almost nothing in the tax package and yet still get nailed with higher state income, sales, and property taxes; as well as higher rents and living costs which come with such taxes. Bush is basically creating class warfare by transferring all the bills and costs back onto the lower classes.