Wednesday, May 21, 2003

Trouble for Kerry?
WCVB Channel 5 is reporting that our junior senator would lose to President Bush here in Massachusetts ["Kerry Would Lose To Bush"] Of course, there is no specific information about the poll on WCVB's Web site or the Mass Insight Web site. As well, only 500 voters were polled, and who knows what their political registration is. Mass Insight is a pro-business think-tank that has been running the pro-MCAS radio ads for the last few months. I guess they have stepped in to polling too.

Check out this two-headed turtle found by a girl in Albany, NY ["Girl Finds Two-Headed Turtle "] I love the pathologist saying this didn't occur from manmade chemicals but probably a temperature change. Come on. It's a friggin' two-headed turtle!

NYT reporter bummed about being boo'ed
Last night, before watching the second half of the just okay Hitler biopic on CBS, I was listening to the audio of NYT Chris Hedges' mp3 speech from Rockford College graduation speech [click here] because I found it pretty cool that the Rockford Register managed to get the audio and post it online. While the quality isn't very good, you can hear a smattering of boos and horn honking during the speech. Apparently, it was a lot more raucous than that! Though I have to tell you, if it were my graduation, the last thing I would want to hear after four years of college is some pompous ass reporter lecturing me about the war. This, coming from a reporter and someone who was vehemently against the invasion of Iraq! As you can hear in the speech, Hedges is almost animated in his holier than though attitude without any regard for the fact that he is speaking to people from a suburban Illinois community who probably don't want to be talked down to by him. Rockford isn't Cambridge. I can't believe he couldn't have at least done something a little more brief or broad.

Lying NYT reporter prepares book, movie proposals
You have got to be kidding me! ["The Blair Pitch Project"] Why isn't this guy in the middle of nowhere somewhere pumping gas for a living? Arrgh!

Liberals in radio? Maybe
Left-wing conspiracy theorist Thom Hartmann is reporting on Common Dreams the latest news from the Talker's Magazine seminar and claims credit for a possible liberal radio network proposed by mega-radio owner Clear Channel: ["Move Over, Right Wing Radio - the Liberals Are Coming "]

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