Thursday, July 31, 2003

There is a God ...

Part 1
Reuters is reporting that the evil John Poindexter is resigning: ["Poindexter to Quit Pentagon Post Amid Controversy"].

Part 2
Sen. Norm Coleman, R-Minn., is launching an inquiry into the RIAA's nasty subpoenas b.s.: ["Lawmaker seeks info on RIAA dragnet"].

Teamster power?
The Washington Post reported this afternoon that Gephardt will get the Teamster Union endorsement: ["Teamsters Endorse Gephardt for President"]. Everyone is expecting the union to jumpstart Gephardt's lagging campaign but one has to wonder if there are enough Teamsters left working to help the campaign.

Tax spat
Dean and Kerry are bickering again: ["Campaigns spar over tax cut"]. Kerry is partially right on this one; the top tier cuts of the Bush plan need to be rescinded. And this line is pretty good:
"Real Democrats don't abandon the middle class and wind up raising taxes on a whole bunch of people and take away a child care credit and reinstate the marriage penalty."
However - and not to keep sounding like a broken record here - real Democrats did abandon the middle class when they passed NAFTA and GATT - trade pacts which have cost the middle class millions of decent wage, low skill jobs. As well, the gnat of a tax cut that went to working people isn't going to turn the economy around. I finally took a look at my pay stubs this week and the difference since the cuts were passed was a whole $1.25 per week. Big effing deal. You can't buy a latte with that!
But the line of the week goes to Julie Teer, a flack for the N.H. Republican Committee, on Kerry:
"He's Dean with envy and clearly thinks he needs to start making up some ground."
Hah! She has probably been waiting weeks to spout that line off.

Is Al back in?
You gotta to love these stories placed in the media: ["Gore pressured to jump in race"]. I don't know one person who thinks Al Gore should run "for re-election" in 2004. Not a one. Is he floating this because he is bored? Maybe he should start doing some stump speeches to rally the base or build some houses like Jimmy Carter did after he retired from politics. Man, get a life already. Life is good out here in normal land!

Calls to drop out
This article is astounding: ["'Dead men walking' urged to quit '04 race"]. The insiders set up the primaries so a nominee will be known by March. They make campaigns impossible to run without a billion dollars. They assist the media in creating a tier system which kills any campaign which is considered "longshot," "un-electable," or reform-based. These actions essentially guarantee that the insider's candidate wins. And now, they don't even want to have a primary between more than two or three candidates! This is effing outrageous!