Friday, July 28, 2006

The dead and dying ...

This Lebanese child was obviously not a terrorist.
War is a racket, as the saying goes and sometimes, I can barely hold back the tears. When little kids start getting blown to bits, kids very close to the age of children we know and love immensely, someone, with some decency, has to step in and say "Stop this bullshit already!" When will common sense prevail?
Look at that picture. Look at it long and hard.
And, we really wonder why they hate us? You can't tell me that this is a justified death at any time in the history of humanity. I'm sorry. That child didn't do a thing. That child wasn't a "terrorist." Unintended casualties just doesn't cut it anymore. Be prepared for more wars, more random terrorist attacks, more rights curtailed, more lies about American soldiers dying to preserve "our" rights - while in some foreign land, and, frankly, more of the worst of everything. The end times are surely with us.

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