Thursday, July 27, 2006

Sprout Network responds:
After posting my complaints about the firing of Melanie Martinez, I emailed the Sprout Network to complain. Here is their response:

"We understand that you are disappointed with the recent changes to The Good Night Show, and we too are saddened that we had to make this difficult decision. Our foremost priority is to do what is best for our young viewers and those who love them, and we will continue to provide the quality programming you and your children have come to expect from PBS KIDS Sprout. Thank you."

How is that for pathetic? I'd hate to be the corporate lackey who had to script that. Terrible. I won't deny my son the right to watch the silly Sprout Network but I'm really disappointed by this crap. Save Melanie!

Congrats to me: I've been accepted into the Leadership Greater Concord 2006-2007 program. Only 15 to 20 folks get chosen for the year-long program each year. The Hippo did a story on it but didn't mention that someone from WKXL 1450 was accepted to the program. Oh well. It should be pretty interesting though. I'm looking forward to the program which starts in the middle of September.

Tina Fey's Scar:
If I ever get another band together, I'm going to call it Tina Fey's Scar [or The Secret of Tina Fey's Scar]. This is probably the coolest - or silliest - band name I've every come up with over the years.
Have you seen it, Tina Fey's scar, that is? It is kinda like Harrison Ford's. It is this two or three inch nick across her chin. You can't help but be mesmerized by it ... not unlike Harrison Ford's! Sometimes, it is such a distraction from her great comedy. I've always wondered what the story is. If you do a Google on "Tina Fey's scar," you will find some sites of folks who are also intrigued by the lack of information about it. There is even one called Tina Fey Scar Detective: [Tina Fey Scar Detective]. Apparently, some suspect it came about from a car accident.
However, Tina Fey is leaving SNL: ["Fey, Dratch Leaving 'SNL' for '30 Rock'"]. Too bad. She is just about the only thing worth watching on the show these days, along with the adorable Maya Rudolph.

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