Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Supernova: Week 2
A pretty good showing tonight all around with some of the folks who I thought were pretty rough last week actually sounding good. Good performances once again from Zayra, Storm, and Dana. Surprisingly good performances from Magni, Dilana, and Jill, who I thought all personally sucked last week. Magni did a pretty good version of the The Who's "My Generation." Dilana did a spooky version of Johnny Cash's "Ring of Fire." And Jill, who was pretty hot in this short-skirted white wedding dress, did an OK version of Hole's "Violet." Good performances were also turned in by Lukas, Jenny, Patrice and Manchester's own Josh Logan. I think Chris, Toby, Phil and Ryan are in trouble. We'll see tomorrow.


Wicked Words said...

Yikes, Zayra was horrible! But she has cojones to tell Tommy Lee that he's old, so maybe she'll stick around based on that.

Tony said...

Oh come on Kristina, she was cool! BTW, sorry we missed the beach. :-( I was swamped last week. If you come up again before September, we'll make time to come over. My son is getting so big too!

Wicked Words said...

I admit that her second rendition was much, much better, but she's only being kept around in the hopes that she says more crazy stuff to Tommy Lee, etc.

Yes, should be back up in August. I'll let you know what the schedule is and hopefully we can meet up!