Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Terrence Trent D'Arby
Recently, I've been writing about my inexpensive little mp3 player and how cool it is but I haven't really talked about the songs I have loaded into it. One of the songs, which I still love to this day, is a cheesy little rock number called "She Kissed Me" by Terrence Trent D'Arby. It is a quick funky thing with some good guitar work - right out of 1994 or something - and it just rocks. It's totally different than anything else he has done.
Well, late last night while doing some work and listening to tunes, I started thinking, 'I wonder what the heck ever became of that guy?' I mean, he was considered for the position of lead singer in INXS after Michael Hutchence died but, after that, no much has been seen or heard from him.
So, I did a Google and what did I find? Terrence is no long Terrence but he is "Sananda" ... !!! :
["Sananda Maitreya"]. The mp3s aren't free, so I don't know what he sounds like. I guess I could buy a few ... but his "change" is so wigging me out - he looks like a new age Ala Baba camped out in Tuscany - that I don't know if I really want to give the guy my credit card number just to check out his new stuff. And why would anyone ever change their name like that?
In future weeks, when I get a breath, I will write some reviews of some of the stuff I have been listening to, including the brilliant Richard Butler solo record.

Supernova, Week 4 or whatever
Well, I'm still digging this show but I really have to wonder about this band.
For weeks, they have been clamoring for singers to "bring the RAWK!" which basically gives the viewer the impression that Supernova is just going to be another damn sludge rock band. But then, they show off some demos they are working on, and they prove that they are just going to be another sludge rock band, only a little more like than the Stones than Metallica. Now that we have established that, OK. No problem.
But why go for the same old thing? Why pigeonhole yourself? Why not try something different? Last night, every negative comment they made about the singers could be interpreted as an establishment of fact that they are just going to be some sucky, all-star rock band, like Velvet Revolver, with CDs in the cutout bin three months after release.
Example: Zayra, probably the coolest woman in that group, totally diverse, interesting in her approach ... but slammed for it. Last night, she was dressed in this superhot, clingy space suit thing which looked like it came off the set of "Star Wars." Dave Navarro's comments last night that she should quit and go out on her own now were exactly right: She is too good for those clowns! And then, they rave about the bag lady's acoustic version of Cyndi Lauper's "Time After Time"? What gives?

Headline of the month?
Easily this profile of Mass. Lt. Gov. Kerry Murphy Healey:
["Muffy the Democrat Slayer"]. I must say that from watching Mass. TV, Healey's political TV spots are really pretty good. Gabrieli's are too ... the difference is really results and what you want to do.
But Healey's really strike a chord - one, addressing the high cost of living in the state, and the other one I've seen, talking about her working class background. She married well ... so what. Should that be held against her? I think she should be accepted or rejected based on the things she wants to do - not her husband's wealth or her mansion in Pride's Crossing.


Margherita Marghera said...

Hi Tony,

At Sananda's official site at section MUSIC there are also loads of songs for you which are FREE to download.


Musical greetings,
Sananda's webmistress

Tony said...

Thanks Lily! I will check them out.