Thursday, July 6, 2006

Rock Star: Supernova
Alright, I've gotten sucked into another one.
My wife said, "Let's watch the new Rock Star." I said, "Sure." And so we did and it actually wasn't bad so far.
First, the house band was the same as last time and they are really impressive musicians. But instead of INXS, this one is based on a new "supergroup" formed by Motley Crue drummer Tommy Lee, guitarist Gilbey Clarke of Guns & Roses, and Jason Newstead, the bassist from Metallica, all bands I personally have no use for. But, at least Dave Navarro is there and Tommy Less is mildly amusing.
Interestingly, the band has allowed their producer, Butch Walker, to sit in on the auditions and make comments, which is pretty cool when you think about it. A supposed supergroup, with egos like the ones these guys probably have, usually would want total control of the situation and wouldn't want a producer to come anywhere near their stuff.
The theme is that the winner of the contest will get to front the new super band. It's not unlike the INXS one except that Supernova isn't actually a band yet. There is already one smartass JD-type guy - Lukas - who actually did a pretty badass version of Billy Idol's "Rebel Yell" and who is already starting to stir up some trouble at the house.
The first round of songs were pretty standard rock fare. No real stand outs but I scored it this way: Zayra, Patrice, Dana, Storm, Matt, Jenny, Ryan, Toby, Lukas, Josh, Phil, Chris, Jill, Magni, and Dilana. Zayra did this great rockin' gloomy goth piece which I didn't recognize but which was cool. Patrice did a great version of "Somebody to Love." Dana did a Melissa Ethridge song, which I don't really like, but her voice was good. Storm did "Pinball Wizard" pretty well. Ryan did a Goo Goo Dolls track and got criticized for looking down at his guitar too much. The kid from Manchester did an OK version of the Black Crowes but I wasn't really impressed with him that much. Jill was this bouncing Long Island blonde with what clearly looked like fake boobs.
Amazing, this total spaz Dilana got to do the encore - a foolish version of Nirvana's "Lithium" with her bouncing around like a chicken with her head cut off. So uncool. Magni, this guy from Iceland, did this lame version of "Satisfaction" by the Stones which was god awful. We thought for sure he would be in the bottom three. He was in the early voting but was salvaged by late voting.
In the end, Chris, Matt, and Phil were at bottom. I could understand Chris and Phil: Chris did an upbeat version of The Police's "Roxanne" which wasn't too bad except that he was very flat. Phil didn't sing too bad on the Living Color tune he did, "Cult of Personality," but he bounced around like he was in a kiddie tumblers class. Matt did an amazing version of Coldplay's "Yellow" which only slightly faded at the end. He was criticized for not doing something more "rockin'" ... eh ... that song rocks.
So, for their last try out, Chris plays "L.A. Woman." Phil did some song called "Star" by some sludge rock band I didn't know. Matt did "Planet Earth" by Duran Duran, which caused the "supergroup" to all the grimace. They said they didn't think Chris could sing. They told Phil they didn't like his stage presence. They told Matt that song selection was everything and then, booted him.
Actually, what Matt did was pretty clever: He tried to show them that they could potential have a singer which was diverse. They want someone who can "RAWK." That may be fine and good for wankin' off, but is it going to sell records? Ask Velvet Rolver if a "supergroup" that wanks off and doesn't have any friggin' songs if it sells records. Supernova are a bunch of boneheads for booting the guy off.
But remember Matt Hoffer. If he can get a decent band, he might actually become something. And we'll see what happens to the rest of the crowd.

All you need is debt: I'm not a huge Beatles fan. I like 'em; but I not a huge fan. But, it is pretty embarrassing to hear "All You Need Is Love" as the theme music to a Chase credit card commercial. It is almost upsetting. Interestingly, I didn't feel so bad when I saw Verizon using "Pretty in Pink" to sell pink Razer cellphones. I know those guys have families to feed and all. But, Michael Jackson owns the Beatles catalog. All he is doing with the money he got from Chase to destroy that classic was to pay is legal fees for diddling boys. It is a disgrace.

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