Saturday, September 23, 2006

Christy Mihos' TV ad

I just saw Christy Mihos' 30-second spot on Channel 7 ... and it is totally hilarious: It starts with a cartoon of Mihos standing outside the State House with "The Big Dig, Explained" above the character in big letters. Mihos then asks a Bechtel contractor, "How did the Big Dig get $12 billion over-budget?" The contractor - another cartoon character - said, "Well, you see ..." and then sticks his head up his ass and starts walking around!
At this point, I took my headphones off and said, "What the hell is this?"
Mihos, then turns to some men and women, including one blonde woman who looks like "Muffy" Healey and asks the same question. "Massachusetts Politicians," as they are labeled, stick their heads up their asses and start walking around mumbling!
Then, about 10 minutes later, it played again: A double dose in the news. Nice job.

Why Mihos needs the ads: Take a look at this poll: ["Mass. Gov."]. First, I seriously doubt this poll. Patrick at 64 percent? No way. Healey could probably be that low. The same with Mihos and Ross. But who are the Other who are getting 3 percent? There are no other candidates. Mickey Mouse? Donald Duck? The margin of error is 4 percent.

Calling Roy Morrison: Roy Morrison, a Warner poet, environmentalist and columnist who sends me stuff sometimes, gave Al Gore his recent book called "Taxing Pollution, Not Income," and it seems as though Gore likes the idea: ["Gore says tax pollution, not payrolls"]. Wow. I will be interviewing Roy about this and other things when his new book comes out in October.

Post-NAB roundup: Because the NAB Education Foundation was able to line up a table at a Job Fair for me, I ended up missing the last two Friday events at NAB, including the one with Ariana Huffington. But, I don't think I was alone in missing the events.
After setting up for the Job Fair, I went looking for a cup of coffee and took one more pass through the NAB Bookstore to order the entire NAB event on CDR. Shockingly, the exhibit hall was closed and exhibitors were breaking down all their gear. This was surprisingly because last year in Philadelphia, the booths were still up on Friday morning and there was some last minute trading going on between customers and vendors. But not here: The Hilton was barren.
I grabbed a cup of coffee from the SESAC refreshment area and headed back to the Job Fair, almost running into Sean Hannity, blurry-eyed, heading towards the NAB area.
At the Job Fair, I met a bunch of interesting candidates and, as I have said before, I continue to be surprised by all the interesting people, with their diverse backgrounds, looking to get into the radio business. During one of the side conversations between a woman visiting with me and the guy in the booth next to me, she mentioned that attendance was down almost 20 percent from last year, allegedly, even though there were 3,100 people in attendance. This doesn't surprise me at all since it seemed empty. But what do I know?

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