Friday, September 22, 2006

Dallas morning sunrises ...
It is a bit cloudy today but I'm sorry I failed to mention the morning sunrises here. They are very pretty although not spectacular and because everything is so flat, it makes for a very bright morning indeed. It is also strange to wake up at 6 a.m. and have it be dark when in my neck of the woods, the sun is up at 5 a.m. most of the time.
Another odd thing about staying here has been the one hour difference in time from eastern to central. My laptop has the eastern time but my phone automatically changed to central time when I got to Chicago. The television is off by an hour. All the normal 8 p.m. shows in New Hampshire were airing here at 7 p.m. This caught me totally offguard because if I sat down at a certain time for one show, another one came on. Very weird. But, I'm so out of touch with TV these days and the new fall season, it will probably be a similar feeling when I get home.
This is the last day of the 2006 NAB Radio Show. Thanks to everyone who has been reading. I will have a Friday report sometime on Saturday morning ... Eastern Daylight Time. :-)

Bumpin' and grindin': Kids will be kids, as they say, but our local high schoolers make the Drudge Report:
["Grinding to a halt"].

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