Friday, September 1, 2006

More signs of the [war]times
In a post earlier this week, I talked about wartime sacrifices of the past and the lack of them today. Here are a few more for your viewing pleasure with a few notes from me. I'm pretty astonished that these were done and that people followed them:

This sign looks more like an energy crisis poster than a war poster. But the advice is pretty much commonsense ... and interesting that this one is probably from a landlord somewhere. Close your windows, don't waste hot water, don't demand heat 24 hours a day, etc. Well, duh. These are all relatively simple and minor things you can do to preserve energy during the winter months.

Again, another one: Grow your own; Can your own, a part of the national victory garden movement of the time period. Some victory gardens still exist like the huge one in the Fenway neighborhood of Boston. Nation [or in this case, individual] self-sufficiency has been something I have written about and championed for a long time, especially when it comes to globalism and [supposed] free trade. Each and every day, I drive past a little farm this old Republican guy has in his front yard [I only know he is a Republican because over the years, he has had signs for President Bush and U.S. Rep. Charlie Bass in his yard although it is interesting to note that it is campaign season and there is no Bass sign up yet]. I get so jealous driving by this guy's house, thinking about all the fresh veggies he has in the fall - corn, beans, pumpkin, tomatoes and squash - mmmmm. Oh course, he is retired, so he has time to garden. But, I'm still jealous.

This is another interesting sign and it has class-conscious connotations. The older woman hogging all the food is drawn as if she is kinda from the upper crust side of the street. Note the frilly hat and blouse, and the pearl earrings. A very Barbara Bush, old Yankee kinda look. And look at the way the artist has her turning away, chin in the air, with faint disgust, at the more working class momish female who pleads for more than one chicken leg to feed herself and/or her family. Can you even imagine the words "fair share" being uttered in post-Sept. 11 America by the Defense Dept. or anyone in the government? It's so ... so ... Socialist!

Now we come to this little ditty. It speaks for itself. Although, the government was probably more worried about trade secrets at weapons manufacturers being lost to the enemy than depressed American wages due to cheap labor.

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