Sunday, September 24, 2006

The nation is in a state of emergency when...
... "Jackass Number Two" is the top movie: ["Jackass 2" Knocks out Box Office For #1]. Oh man.

... a guy like this actually thinks he could run for president without someone finding out he is a racist:
["Teammates: Allen used "N-word" in college"]. It's one thing to use the N-word - tons of people do that and don't mean it. It is quite another thing to be from the South, to comfortably use the N-word, "macaca," and some of the other things, like this clown has been doing.

... our pols and commentators are attacking President Hugo Chavez for speaking his opinion on the international soil that is the United Nations building but those same people are silent when similar words come out of the Rev. Jerry Falwell, a man of the cloth:
["Falwell acknowledges Clinton comment"]. Note to Boston City Councilor Jerry McDermott - Go back to civics class my old friend: The United Nations is considered international soil inside the United States; the same way a country's embassy is considered their soil inside the United States. Don't go off half-cocked into nonesenseland, bud.

... a political consultant and advisor for our nation's president even seriously considers bragging about an "October Surprise" in order to maintain control:
["Surprise for November elections?"]. Speaking of maintaining control, anyone notice the gas prices? In Dallas, heading to the airport in a shuttle, I noticed a sign for gas: $2.18 per gallon. I gasped and blurted out: "$2.18 a gallon? Wow, someone really doesn't want the Republicans to lose control of Congress." Everyone laughed - all radio people - and then the driver, who I believe was from India, stated that it was $2.13 right outside his house that morning. The driver, a guy from Long Beach, and I started having an interesting conversation about the state of the world, cars, and other things. It made for an interesting ride, to say the least.

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