Wednesday, February 14, 2007

2008 Link Roundup
OK, it has been a bit of time since we had a roundup. There is a ton of stuff going on. Almost too much stuff. So far, the 2008 campaign is too fast. There are too many candidates. It's too early. All the states are front-loading their primaries and caucuses which means there will probably be two nominees by this time next year. That isn't such a good thing. This process needs to be vetted and, as I've said before, the New Hampshire experience needs to be brought to other states. On to the headlines.

It will be interesting to see what happens with the conservatives. You've got Romney, pulling a Kerry ["Mitt's game plan looking like a flip side of Kerry's"], and other guys like Brownback and Huckabee trying to figure out a way to derail Guy Smiley: ["Brownback, Romney spar for GOP conservative base"]. Willard also gets a pounding from some of his "home" state's elected GOP leaders: ["Mitt's '08 bid fails to win Mass. praise"]. And he also gets beat up by Ginny Buckingham over at the Herald: ["N.H. should shun our fiscal phony"]. Some Jews aren't impressed: ["Jewish Group Blasts Romney Over Launch"]. And Tufts Republicans are mixed about Mitt too: ["Romney announces presidential bid, Jumbos' feelings mixed"].

Giuliani's briefing book makes the Web: ["Rudy Giulani's Vulnerabilities"].

Huckabee continues to get beat up by the Arkansas press: ["Huckabee foes take fundraising head start"],

The Al Gore troops aren't backing down: ["Supporters push Gore to run in 2008"].

Congressional Quarterly has this pretty good piece about the early process: ["'Front-loading' States Bump Forward Presidential Nominating Process Ever Earlier"]. This columnist in Waco makes some good points noting that the third parties haven't even forwarded their candidates either: ["Too early for presidential race"]. Alabama makes a play: ["Early primary would make state a player in 2008 campaign"].

And President Bush even weighs in on the whole thing: ["Bush vows he won't be 'pundit-in-chief'"]. Yeah buddy, on the way to the rubber room with all this Iran talk.

["Kaine to Back Obama's Bid for the Democratic Nomination"]
["McCain steals endorsement from Romney's backyard"]. Payback is a bitch, I guess.
Rep. David Dreier goes with Giuliani.

I'm not going to post any non-state polls. National polls are useless. They don't show the voters, pundits or junkies anything. The primaries are about winning states. The final election is about winning states. So random, national popularity polls are just a waste of money and time. Therefore, I'm not going to post them.

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