Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Some things to read ...
Here is some of the latest news from the 2008 campaign.
Dan Rather and Joe Klein talk about the primary campaign and the piles of money needed to compete: ["Rather: $1B is the one to beat in 2008"].
Congressional Quarterly has this about the cost of security: ["Tab for 2008 Candidate Security Could Soar, But Secret Service is Mainly On Call"].
Broadcasters are gleeful over the cash that they'll be getting, especially with a front-loaded process: ["Primary Cash Up For Grabs"].
Chuck Todd is writing for MSNBC now. Here is his latest on the campaign: ["2008 is not one campaign"].
The Hill, Todd's former employer, is reporting that Gov. Mike Huckabee is being pushed to run for Senate in his home state, noting that long-time Democratic Senator Mark Pryor is retiring: ["Some push for Huckabee to run for Senate, not president"]. Huckabee, the only Baptist minister running, isn't really turning on the evangelical sect. So, maybe he will opt for this instead.
As I have stated before, I don't want to get into national polls. They are really irrelevant. But there are some numbers deep inside this one which reveal some interesting trends - including evangelicals supporting pro-choice Republican Rudy Giuliani: ["Blacks Shift to Obama, Poll Finds"].
This guy says if Ralph runs again in 2008, he'll be with him: ["Pariah or Prophet?"].
The Peace & Freedom Party of California is looking for a candidate: ["Peace and Freedom Party Begins 2008 Presidential Search"].

Here are some state polls from Strategic Vision which show no surprises this early in the process.

In Wisconsin, Democrats leaned this way: Clinton 36, Obama 21, Edwards 17, Undecided 15, Clark 5, Biden and Richardson 2, and Dodd and Kucinich with 1. Republicans went with Giuliani at 26, Thompson - the former governor there - at 22, McCain and Undecided with 15, Gingrich 8, Romney 6, Brownback and Tancredo 2, with Gilmore, Hagel, Huckabee and Hunter with 1.

In Georgia, Giuliani led Republicans with 28, McCain 21, Undecided 16, Gingrich 14, Romney 8, Tancredo 4, Huckabee 3, Brownback 2, with Gilmore, Hagel, Hunter, and Thompson at 1. Democrats went with Clinton 28, Obama 25, Edwards 18, Undecided 17, Clark 5, Biden 3, Richardson 1, and Dodd and Kucinich with 1.

Lastly, these bloggers are also keeping track of things:
["Lost Nation"]
["2008 Central"]

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