Friday, February 16, 2007

More 2008 links
First off, congrats to Belmont, Mass. gal Angelique Pirozzi who has been named to Hillary Clinton's Iowa caucus team: ["Clinton Campaign: Announces Iowa Senior Staff"]. I know Angelique has done great work in the past so this is pretty good news for the Clinton team.

It looks as if Gore isn't going to run unless something major happens: ["Al Gore's Presidential Guessing Game"]. By major, I mean brokered convention major. But with as many as 10 candidates and the primary schedule shifting all over the place, this is unlikely to happen.

A Lawrence, KS paper has started a coverage blog for Sen. Sam Brownback: ["The Brownback Report"]. These kinds of feature-like hard news presidential campaign projects have been done for many years. But with the Web, they have become a lot more accessible to people outside a newspaper's circulation area.

Edwards' new N.H. coordinator has been named: ["Edwards picks head of New Hampshire office"].

The Christian Science Monitor has this overview of potential firsts in 2008: ["In 2008 race, many firsts are possible"]. There have been other articles written like this one before. However, the CSM piece has charts!

Giuliani names Mass. team: ["Mayor Giuliani announces Massachusetts Leadership Team"]. While Romney tries to counter some of the bad press he has been receiving in the state: ["Massachusetts Leaders endorse Gov. Mitt Romney"].

Gov. Bill Richardson is the first one to jump on the diplomacy with Iran issue: ["Diplomacy, Not Attacks"]. Is this a play about the issue or an email gathering program?

American Research Group released some southern and western polling numbers earlier this week:

Dems: Clinton 44, Undecided 23, Obama 13, Edwards 11, Clark and Dodd at 3, Richardson and Vilsack at 1.
GOP: Giuliani 31, Gingrich 25, McCain 19, Undecided 16, Romney 3, Huckabee 2, Brownback, Hagel and Hunter at 1.

GOP: McCain 45, Giuliani 21, Undecided 18, Gingrich 11, Brownback 3, and Romney with 2.
Dems: Clinton 33, Obama 24, Undecided 22, Edwards 13, Richardson 4, Vilsack 3, and Clark and Kucinich with 1.

Dems: Clinton 40, Undecided 18, Edwards 16, Obama 15, Biden 3, Clark, Richardson, and Vilsack 2, with Dodd, Gravel, and Kucinich with 1.
GOP: Giuliani 37, McCain 21, Undecided 21, Huckabee 14, Gingrich 3, with Gilmore and Romney with 2.

GOP: Romney 40, McCain 21, Undecided 15, Giuliani 13, Gingrich 6, Hagel 3, Thompson 2, and Brownback and Hunter with 1.
Dems: Clinton 31, Undecided 20, Obama 18, Vilsack 16, Edwards 9, Dodd 3, Biden 2, and Clark, Kucinich and Richardson with 1.

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