Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Dow slide
Wow, how about that Dow Jone Industrial Average slide today? I was totally clueless to the slide until earlier this evening when I saw a post on Drudge about it. Surprisingly, I didn't receive an update from the WSJ, which regularly sends out alerts via email. However, they have this pretty good overview of what the hell happened here, with a really cool chart too: ["Markets' Slide Spotlight Risks"]. This will probably be in tomorrow's newspaper since it is postmarked with that date. Loudmouth Jim Cramer has his take here: ["How the System Failed Us Today"]. And interestingly, Drudge is even being blamed for some of it: ["Did the Drudge Report Help Tank the Stock Market?"]. Also from Drudge, here is YouTube video from CNBC, the business cable station, of the plunge: ["YouTube"].

Tonight, I got to watch a bit of Frontline's "News War: What's Happening to the News," the second of two parts, about the dismal state of the news business. I missed the first part, but this week's edition highlighted some of the issues surrounding the cuts at the Los Angeles Times - with editors standing up to the companies executives who are trying to gut staff while returning 20 percent returns. It will be on Thursday on NHPTV's Channel 11 in Durham and then on PBS's cable stations overnight and tomorrow.

In case you missed it, WCVB-TV's "Chronicle" did a bit on the history of local radio in New England and it is now on Google Video: ["Happy Birthday Radio"]. It has some pretty cool old radio audio from the past.

One of the reasons I haven't been blogging a lot is because I've been reading a lot lately and job hunting aggressively, which is taking a lot of my free time. I hope to catch up on some things later this week. I have a slew of links to put up. Interestingly, the links become less relevant as time goes by. Funny how that happens.

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