Sunday, February 18, 2007

Sunday night 2008 roundup
Here is some of the information circulating tonight.

The Boston Herald has this AP roundup: ["On the 2008 Trail"]. I missed Gingrich on "Fox News Sunday" but he might be correct about the boredom thing. I did catch a bit of Willard on "This Week" and I don't think he did that well. He danced around a lot about previous positions and voting for Democrats just a couple of years before his run at TedK. So much dancing, in fact, that at least one major Republican blogger is dropping Willard: ["I'm Giving Up on Multiple Choice Mitt"]. Ouch!

Al Gore rules out a 2008 run, again: ["Gore rules out bid for US White House in 2008"]. I guess, at this point, everyone should leave Gore alone. Every reporter under the sun has asked him if he is going to change his mind and he hasn't indicated that he would. So, he probably won't.

Here is a pretty good piece about California moving up its primary early, with a surprise as to the real reason why: ["Early primary -- too much, too soon?"]. I do agree that California moving up to Feb. 5 would be a disaster for a long-shot candidate. But, it might not be, especially when you consider the free-for-all which is going on right now. In addition, there is a very liberal streak which runs through California - so a guy like Kucinich might actually get a good chunk of votes. Back in 2004, Kerry pretty much had the thing sewn up by the time California voted on March 3. So, his 64.5 percent of the vote - compared to 20 percent for Edwards and 5 percent for Kucinich - isn't a good indication of what might happen in 2008. Back in 1992, Bill Clinton eked out a win against Jerry Brown, even though he had the whole things sewn up too. Interestingly, in the poll which accompanies the article, 53 percent believe there is a better way to spend the $90 million which is what the primary will cost the state. Wow. Here is a pretty good overview of the situation in Florida - which is also moving its primary up: ["Florida: 'Sunshine' will rise again"].

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