Sunday, June 1, 2008

Clinton wins Puerto Rico but it isn't enough ...

Obama is within 50 delegates of the nom. His officials say they will have it before the end of the week:

Puerto Rico

Clinton: 53,451 68 percent 28 delegates
Obama: 25,593 32 percent 14 delegates

I, though, don't expect Hillary to go quietly into the night. I suspect that she is going to turn this entire thing into a spectacle and have a floor fight at the convention. I have been predicting for almost two years that there would be a brokered convention this year and I still believe there will be.
The talking point will become what the Obama campaign's talking point was not too long ago: She has the most popular vote and therefore, she should be the nominee no matter what the super delegates do. This was Obama's talking point not long after Feb. 5, when everyone thought that the super delegates were all going to board the Clinton bandwagon and steal the nom from the guy who was winning all the caucuses. Tit for tat, I guess, no pun intended.
However, what is good for the goose is good for the gander.
Hillary may have a point here and can use the Obama campaign's words against him. The question is this: If the convention turns around and denies Obama the nom, will his people bolt like Hillary's people are threatening to do now?
Will Obama be foolish and instead, offer her the VP slot just to shut her and her people up? I certainly hope not. Or, if he does, and they both beat McCain together in November and are actually sworn in [insert Cheney coup conspiracy here], Obama better have someone testing his food before every meal ... 'cause he will not be long for the world.

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