Sunday, June 8, 2008

Warning: Don’t wear loose clothing when traveling via airplane

For the first time in years of airline travel since Sept. 11, I was frisked by a TSA Officer during check in. The reason? I had loose-fitted clothing on. Never mind that I had nothing on my persons – everything was emptied into their little trays to be inspected – nope, didn’t matter.
The TSA Officer was quite polite and professional, and didn’t pat down any areas that I wouldn’t particularly like a TSA Officer patting down. But, it was all just a little weird. The wife of the couple behind me, who was Asian, was also asked to step aside for a frisk. She wasn’t wearing loose clothing but did have an infant and a toddler with her. The husband was not frisked. Female officers patted down the Asian woman.
In the age of airport security, it might be time to rethink all of this. I mean, when I have nothing on my persons and step through the security machine and nothing goes off, why should a XXL shirt require me to be frisked?

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