Sunday, June 29, 2008

Edwards top VP choice of some Iowa Dems

From ["Edwards remains a favorite in Iowa even if it is for VP"].
While this is very interesting, I doubt Edwards will be picked and despite my admiration for the guy, I hope he isn't picked for VP. I hope he is picked as Attorney General, something also mentioned by speculators. And yeah, the nation needs a hard-hitting trail lawyer who gives a damn about the poor in the AG's office so bad it isn't even funny.
I find the comment about Sen. Dodd being Secy of Labor a bit perplexing. Dodd voted for NAFTA, the worst thing to happen to organized labor and workers in the last 20 years. He's the last person who should be put in that office. As well, old dogs like Dodd, Sen. Biden, etc., aren't change. They are part of the problem in Washington. If Obama wins, he should be looking at new folks and new blood for some of these cabinet positions.

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