Sunday, June 29, 2008

DEVO friggin' rule ...

I went to see DEVO on Friday night at Harborlights in the Seaport District of Boston with a couple of friends. I was going to write a review for the blog, but a writer for the Boston Herald has a pretty good one here: ["Devo whips Pavilion crowd into frenzy with back-to-futuristic set"].
I will add that I also could have done without Booji Boy aka Mark destroying the absolute otherwise amazing "Beautiful World," one of the best DEVO songs. I was also disappointed that "Through Being Cool" was not done, one of my faves. That said, they were really, really good and surprisingly so. "Gates of Steel," another favorite of mine, could be a hit today. Despite the almost 30-years-old material, it all stood the test of time, especially with the mix of older analog synthesizers and newer, digital technology. I went for a bit of nostalgia and to be entertained and I came away with an even deeper respect for the band than I already had.
The Tom Tom Club was OK. I have never been a huge fan and my friends were late arriving with my ticket, so I didn't really notice that the band was that loud from outside. That said, they weren't too bad either.
Boston music scenester Brett Milano, who was at the show, has this interview from Friday's Herald: ["The world finally catches up (devolves?) to Devo"].

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