Sunday, June 29, 2008

Supreme Court decision on gun ban was the correct one

I haven't finished reading through the 157 page, very complicated briefing by the Supreme Court on overturning the D.C. gun ban. A PDF of the decision is here: ["Syllabus: District of Columbia et al. v. Heller"].
But if the media is correct in their coverage of the decision, I'll admit that I'm quite happy about it. I also don't often agree with the UL editorial board but I saw this editorial this morning and it sums up some of my sentiments on the issue: ["Freedom rings: The 2nd Amendment lives"].
I don't, however, agree that just because a Democrat is elected in November for the presidency, more liberal judges will be appointed. That is a possibility, but not a guarantee.
I also worry about the court glossing over the other part of the 2nd Amendment which is very, very important: The right of revolution.
The Founders were extremely worried about tyrannical governments ruling over citizens and they had reason to worry. The last couple of presidents have shown that the Founders' fears were legit even if they were made more than 220 years ago. Starting under Clinton and continuing under Bush 43, the Bill of Rights have been shredded and Americans are now being spied on and regulated at a unprecedented rate. We are slowly becoming a banana republic.
That said, modern warfare and weaponry makes it impossible to overthrow a tyrannical government even if every single American believed it needed to be done. It would be impossible. Ordinary Americans would never been allowed to have the armaments needed to overthrow a corrupt administration. So, we'll all just have to be happy with the fact that this decision allows us to be safe and secure with regulated weapons in our homes. At least for now.

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