Monday, July 2, 2007

2008 money race
I was at the Rick Springfield/Eddie Money/Patty Smyth concert until late last night [more on that later] so I didn't have a chance to post a money update Sunday night. Here are some more second quarter numbers:

Obama: $32.5 million
Hillary: $27.5 million
Edwards: $9 million
Richardson: $7 million
Dodd: $3.25 million

No other Dem numbers were available. GOP numbers haven't been released yet either [but McCain is rumored to be reducing campaign staff]. Expect some later on today and I will update tonight or tomorrow.

Note: Politizine will be off towards the latter part of the week, enjoying some downtime, the Fourth of July holiday, and finishing up an analytical piece about the issue of the fairness doctrine.

Update: Here are some GOP numbers:

Giuliani: $15 million
Romney: $14 million [including $6.5 million he lent his campaign for the second quarter]
McCain: $10.4 million, which isn't too bad considering but since he spent nearly $24 million over the last six months, owes $2M and has $2M on hand, you can see why his folks are worried [What the hell did he spend that money on?]
Paul: $3 to $5 million [estimated by campaign staff on July 2]
Brownback: $1.5 million
T. Thompson: $473k

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