Monday, July 9, 2007

More on Carr's jump
Tons of people are talking about Howie Carr's plans to leave WRKO for WTKK.
First, WRKO is saying they aren't going to let Howie go that quickly, via a press release from George Regan to the updated Herald story.
Over on the Boston Radio Archives list, there is a lot of talk about what Carr's New England affiliates are going to do. Doug Drown suggests that some stations might jump at a Carr morning show. Others noted that many of Carr's New England affiliates lost Imus and don't have permanent replacements yet.
The Radio Equalizer says WRKO PD Jason Wolfe went ballistic: ["PD Trashes Office"]. Somehow, I doubt this, but who knows.
Media Nation also has some chatting going on: ["Carr talk on WTKK"].

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