Thursday, July 19, 2007

Another strange and yet accurate vehicle

The upside down school bus above was parked outside Market Days earlier today.
Some of you may know about's campaign to raise awareness concerning the amount of American taxpayer money which is spent on the Pentagon. Around Concord, there is a Honda Element with a huge pie chart similar to the small one attached to this bus. The pie chart is probably about 15 feet wide and is wielded to the top of the Element.
Well, imagine my surprise this afternoon when I was checking out the annual Market Days festival and saw this bus parked right near the State House.
"What the heck is that?," I exclaimed before realizing it was a new vehicle by the group. It's actually pretty cool, beyond the fact that it makes a good point. It definitely turned this head.
Also seen at Market Days, tables for Rudy, Mitt, Hillary, and Edwards, both County Dems and GOP, a slew of political groups promoting one viewpoint or another, and people trying to draft Jeanne Shaheen to run for U.S. Senate.

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