Monday, July 9, 2007

Carr to WTKK
Huge news in New England radio this afternoon: Boston Herald columnist Howie Carr has just been signed away from WRKO to be the new morning host at WTKK, according to the Boston Herald: ["Howie Carr jumps to rival WTKK"]. This is interesting, to say the least. What is good is that Howie realizes he is a local host. His attempts at national syndication have been a disaster, with little ad revenue and few stations outside of New England, according to some of my radio sources. His show does air on a number of New England radio stations and what those stations do after he leaves in September, remains to be seen. I know that many dropped his show after the syndicator [Was it Entercomm?] attempted to charge syndication fees for the show.
As well, Carr will now be on FM, which is a big deal when you consider that some listeners are abandoning AM radio [especially AM radio which doesn't challenge the listener]. Carr's listeners will follow him, which is trouble for WRKO. What do the put on in the afternoon? Sean Hannity? That would leave almost only morning local content and piped in, outsourced news.
Conveniently, Carr is on vacation.
Over at, here is some of the talk about the change: ["Breaking news, Howie to WTKK!!!"]. Here is the Boston Globe's take on the story: ["Carr jumps from WRKO to rival WTKK"]. A number of news sources, including Forbes Magazine [!], picked up the AP version of the story.

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