Monday, August 20, 2007

Criminals and radio
Editor''s Note: This post has been edited and a correction is offered below:
What is it about some criminals and radio? Why must radio programmers continue to hire criminals and others to build their station programming instead of the ton of radio people out there who could easily do just as good a job and don't have the criminal records?

The reason I speak of this is the latest move by a radio station to hire a criminal, in this case, former Providence Mayor Buddy Cianci, who has been rehired at WPRO in Providence: ["Rhode Island"]. Like, it isn't bad enough that the Felon Finneran is on Boston's historic talker, WRKO. Or, that the pill-popping oaf of a human being, Rush Limbaugh, is still on hundreds of talk stations instead of in jail where he probably should be.
Then there is G. Gordon Liddy, Oliver North ... sigh ... the list goes on and on. Where are the standards?

Correction: In an earlier version of this post, it was mistakenly written that Tom Leykis was convicted of a lesser charge concerning an incident he was involved in while hosting a program on WRKO in Boston. That portion of the post was incorrect and has been removed. The charges were dropped as the link below explains: ["The Smoking Gun"].
As the writer of the post, I failed to correctly remember the incident and posted the information incorrectly. While the post was only up for about an hour, that isn't really the point. The information wasn't correct and I'm sorry for that.
As this shows, not everyone who is arrested is actually convicted of the crimes they have been charged with. As well, Cianci, Finneran, and others, all served their time so maybe I shouldn't be so judgmental about it.

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Anonymous said...

i don't think you are being judgmental at all. the point is that people in high positions at radio stations are hiring people with questionable backgrounds, just to garner ratings. if you are not outrageous, you don't get hired and that is a damn shame when you think about it.