Thursday, August 16, 2007

Yeah, but is he John Doe#2?
After years and years of being held in prison, it looks like the federal government finally figured out a way to jam up Jose Padilla on some pretty flimsy terrorist charges: ["Padilla Convicted of Terror Support"]. What happened to the "dirty nuclear bomb" charge? I also find it interesting that somehow his defense of wanting to go and learn more about Islam would get twisted around to being membership in Al-Qaida. It doesn't make any sense, not unlike everything about this case.
But here is my question: Is he John Doe#2? Because, he sure looks like he is: ["Is Jose Padilla John Doe Number 2 at the Oklahoma City Bombing?"]. It seems to me that there is more suspicion that he is John Doe #2 than a pal of Osbama bin Ladin.

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