Saturday, October 27, 2007

[More] sports radio coming to town

Concord and the Lakes Region will soon get full-time sports radio stations on FM at the beginning of the year.
Concord's WWHK 102.3, formerly known as WKXL FM, and WWHQ out of Meredith, will start broadcasting WEEI's sports talk programming in January 2008. The stations, both owned by Nassau Broadcasting, will have a lock on the sports talk market in the region, since the only other sports talk stations in the immediate listening area, WGAM 1250 out of Manchester and 900 AM out of Nashua, are not heard in most of the Concord/Lakes Region market.
There will be some competition from advertising against WTPL 107.7 FM, which broadcasts political talk and live sports games, and to a lesser extent, WKXL 1450, which broadcasts high school sports games.
Nassau will also be shifting formats over at Hillsboro's WNNH 99.1 and Wolfeboro's WLKZ 104.9. They will be losing their "oldies" format and will be "rebranded" as Frank FMs, playing both oldies and classic rock. Of course, WNNH long abandoned real oldies like Elvis and AM Gold for the light classic format.

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