Monday, June 14, 2010

'Hot' Air America auction yields $170K

Another thing I read today: Tom Taylor's report on the Air America auction, which grossed about $170,000: ["Air America's Chapter 7 auction of equipment yields $169,326"].
Sony and Shure lavalier mics went for $75 apiece. Several Moseley STLs sold for $1,400 each. Some computers went for 50-75 bucks. But many pieces of office furniture were marked down as “no bids”, and in the end, the physical contents of Air America at 641 6th Avenue in Manhattan are now scattered among a couple of dozen buyers who don’t care what it once represented.
Sad too, since a balance of views on the government regulated airwaves is extremely important. Taylor notes that some of the employees were taking good notes and expects there to be a book or two about Air America, or at least a long VF piece.

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Air America had a self defeating business plan. It only seemed to accept national advertising - no local ads - and in Manhattan was on the worst end of the am radio dial, once the sun set was a mass of static - and then they began dumping the actual free thinkers, not the demohacks.