Monday, June 21, 2010

Some movement but ...

This, from WMUR-TV: ["NH Sale: State To Look At Selling Assets"].
In many ways, this is a good thing. The state shouldn't be in the business of hoarding things, unless there is an environmental reason for having land assets. Obviously, we don't want to sell our precious open spaces or recreational spaces. But at the same time, having a fire sale of land and other items doesn't get to the heart of the matter: Containing spending. This is a one-time fix, with one-time revenue from the sale. Unless the state gets serious about containing the spending, it is never going to get out of this mess.
Right now, the issue of state budgets collapsing is a national problem, as noted in the cover story of yesterday's TIME Magazine ["The Broken States of America"] which analyzes some of the problems, although heavily weighted from the New Jersey angle. I'm only part way through the article, but look forward to finishing it.
Side note: State Sen. Harold Janeway has decided to step down after one term. Republican Andy Sandborn, the owner of the Draft in Concord and an all around good guy is running again for the seat.

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