Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Standards come back to haunt Kos

Interesting little nugget here from last night: ["Markos charges polling fraud"].
I've often wondered about those polls on the Kos site and how they always made Democrats look good.
While I haven't been on the site in years, I often wondered if the polls were created in order to keep the activists and people who donate money activated. There's nothing more powerful to keep the rabble in line than phony polls making them think they are winners when they might actually not be.
And what would have happened if the polls changed for some reason and started going the other way? Would Kos allow them to be posted? He doesn't allow all kinds of discussions to happen on his site (You can't commend Ralph Nader or any progressive independents who might be challenging even the worst kinds of Democrats; you can't challenge the official 9-11 story; etc.). Even though it doesn't say "Democrat site," it's stipulated and people target others who don't talk the party line. That's why I have no use for the site or other political sites that are one side or the other. You're either interested in having a conversation about opinions or you aren't. I like to think for myself, thanks.
I don't quite know what to make of this but it will be good to get it all out. I think we might all be surprised (or maybe not so) with the results.

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