Friday, July 25, 2003

Arianna for governor?
Slate is reporting that Arianna Huffington is toying with the idea of running for governor: ["Huffington Fever Sweeps Brentwood!"]. While says her former husband Michael has taken out papers: [""]. And then there is the voting machine controversy: ["California Gets Ready for Recall Election"].

Clear Channel finally being probed ...
The Justice Dept. is investigating how Clear Channel - the mega radio, billboard, concert promotion company - has been accused of threatening musical artists ["Justice Dept. Probes Clear Channel"].

NH: Kerry holds slight lead; Lieberman fading
American Research Group of Manchester, a pretty good polling firm, is reporting that Kerry, Dean, and Gephardt are the front-runners in its latest poll: ["Poll: Kerry Holds Slight Lead Over Dean"]. Gephardt, with a 10 percent showing, and a probable win in Iowa, is in a strong position going into the southern primaries, despite what the experts are saying about his campaign. Lieberman's numbers are shockingly low, considering these numbers are out on the heels of his whirlwind tour of the state with former US Rep. Dick Sweat and his wife during the July 4th holiday weekend.

Bill Bulger and perjury
Missed this from earlier in the week but it lays out a pretty good case on why UMass head Billy Bulger should be in jail: ["Questions remain about Bulger and 75 State St."].

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