Sunday, July 20, 2003

Suicide? Yeah, right.
Police in the UK are reporting that David Kelly cut his wrists and committed suicide: ["Kelly's family: 'Events made David's life intolerable'"]. These kinds of analysts thrive on stress. And in the end, if he did dime out Tony Blair, he will be considered a hero by the people of Britain who are furious over the invasion of Iraq. Why off yourself? It doesn’t make any sense.

Lieberman: An idiot on trade!
It is really laughable when a senator, educated in the best schools, with access to limitless information about all kinds of issues, actually believes investment tax credits, business incentives, and eliminating the capital gains tax, will fix the nation's international trade problems: ["With eye on New Hampshire, Lieberman vows to save manufacturing jobs"].
"In the interview, Lieberman said about 3.1 million jobs have been lost during Bush's term, about 80 percent of them manufacturing, while 1.3 million middle-class Americans have fallen into poverty and the federal government has scored massive deficits. 'The crisis within a crisis is we're hemorrhaging manufacturing jobs,' he said."
Sorry Joe, you just don’t get it.
The problem with the manufacturing sector is Americans can’t compete with slave wages in China, Mexico, Pakistan, Macao, Eastern Europe, etc. And when you, Bill Clinton, and the republicans, eliminated the very small tariffs we had left on imports, the factories started fleeing to these countries. And how can you blame American business? ['… my labor costs [enter any American city here] are $8 an hour. I can go to the maquiladoras and pay 75 cents. Shit, I can go to China and pay 10 cents …'] As the saying goes, "You can in Yucatan!"
So what is there to keep the jobs in America? The ol' red, white and blue? We can't even get corporations to pay a minimum in income tax; what is going to keep them from fleeing? Well, tariffs once did.
Tariffs built this country. Tariffs preserved American jobs. Tariffs raised revenue instead of government coffers relying on the regressive income tax which takes away 25 percent of the income from most working Americans. That is the problem, Joe. It really is that simple.
So, are you going to stand up with workers or are you going to continue to be blinded by the free trade cultists and elites who have wrecked our economy? If you are the nominee, and you don't get some wisdom of the real world, I will be proudly voting for Ralph Nader again.

Green councilman being investigated
I have been watching this controversy brewing in Santa Monica. Former Mayor and current City Councilor Mike Feinstein is being investigated for allegedly mishandling $30,000 worth of Green Party funds: ["Police seize councilman’s bank records"]. I interviewed Mike back in 1995 and he seemed like a pretty smart guy. But this just proves that even the greens can make mistakes or, allegedly, become intoxicated by lure of campaign cash.

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