Wednesday, July 16, 2003

Rummy gets nailed
It was all I could do to control myself earlier today when I read the comments made by Spc. Clinton Deitz on the ABCNews site this morning: "If Donald Rumsfeld was here, I'd ask him for his resignation." ["A Big Letdown: Soldiers Learn They’ll Be in Baghdad Longer Than Expected"] Good for you Deitz. Good for you!
However, according to radio news reports later in the day, the Pentagon is considering bringing charges against Deitz - and others - for breaking the honor code by speaking against the head of the Defense Department. I understand the need for order within the ranks but this is ridiculous. I thought Deitz and others were putting their lives on the line for the rights we cherish as Americans, you know, like speaking your mind. It looks like when you put on a uniform and put your life in harms way you lose that right.

So does Greenspan ...
The conscience of America, Rep. Bernie Sanders, the independent from Vermont, gave Federal Reserve Chairman Alan Greenspan a verbal spanking this afternoon: [""]

Spinning ...
Drudge is reporting that Vice President Dick Cheney is telling GOP leaders that Bush is getting ready to go on a public relations offensive about WMDs, including bringing back Mary Matalin for spin control. Well, bring it on, liar!

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