Thursday, July 24, 2003

Kucinich pleads with Greens and Naderites for help ...
Having already raised $ 2 million, Kucinich is really pulling out all the stops: ["Open Letter to Nader Voters and the Greens"]
"I am a Democrat, but I understand that Greens and Nader voters are not just liberal Democrats. Still, I note that in Europe, even when political parties disagree on issues, they are often able to work together with each other in coalition. I'd like to raise that possibility again today. And I note that Ralph Nader has suggested that my candidacy is worth supporting. We all know we will do better if we work together. Perhaps we can find common ground on issues and principles. I would like to open up that possibility. And I would like to ask that you give serious consideration to my candidacy for President. Because a better world is still possible."
...But Norman Solomon says greens have other intentions
["Green Party Taking the Plunge for 2004"]
"The Green Party is now hampered by rigidity that prevents it from acknowledging a grim reality: The presidency of George W. Bush has turned out to be so terrible in so many ways that even a typically craven corporate Democrat would be a significant improvement in some important respects. Fueled by idealistic fervor for its social-change program (which I basically share), the Green Party has become an odd sort of counterpoint to the liberals who have allowed pro-corporate centrists to dominate the Democratic Party for a dozen years now. Those liberal Democrats routinely sacrifice principles and idealism in the name of electoral strategy. The Greens are now largely doing the reverse -- proceeding toward the 2004 presidential race without any semblance of a viable electoral strategy, all in the name of principled idealism. "

Computerized voting machine problems make the NYT
Problems with the software on some of the Direct Recording Electronic [DRE] voting machines ["touch-screen voting machines"] actually made it to the pages of the New York Times this week, [via Smirking Chimp]: ["Computer voting is open to easy fraud, experts say"] ... The information came from the Information Security at John Hopkins: ["Analysis of an Electronic Voting System"].
Thankfully, there are no attacks on the extremely accurate optical scanning voting machines, a welcome sign from activists who have gone just a tad overboard in the worry department. If fact, at the Verified Voting site, which was linked at Smirking Chimp, they endorse the optical scanning machines as the most accurate: ["Resolution on Electronic Voting"]
"Precinct-based optical scan ballots. The CalTech/MIT Voting Technology Project found them to be the most accurate at recording the voter's intent and not significantly more expensive per vote than touch-screen machines."
Right-winger endorses Sharpton over W.
Check out this column by the very conservative Mary Starrett ["WHY I'D VOTE FOR AL SHARPTON BEFORE I'D VOTE FOR GEORGE BUSH"]
"The Church is strangely silent about the decidedly un-Christian policies this president has implemented. The "conservatives" are keeping their mouths shut, too. Neither group would put up with what's coming out of the Oval Office if Sharpton or Rodham-Clinton were in charge. While the nation and the world are focusing on the dead British scientist (which just screams "Vince Foster") and the African uranium story it's time to acknowledge the wheels are coming off Bush's red wagon."

Cooking the books
Dan Kennedy has another amazing piece in the Boston Phoenix today: ["Cooking the books"]