Wednesday, December 24, 2003

Glass ceiling cracked ...
OK, it's the Washington Times. But they are reporting that women outnumber men in higher paying, white collar managerial and professional occupations: ["More U.S. women crack glass ceiling"]. Here is the quote that needs response:
"At the computer, women are just as productive as men. This fact alone has opened up a world of opportunity for women and is bringing an end to outdated concepts like the glass ceiling."
Now, will it lead to the end of outdated [and out and out racist] concepts like affirmative action, quotas and set asides? Here's hoping we can eventually get to a gender- and color-blind society.

... but more immigrants being allowed in?
OK, it's the Washington Post. But if Bush plans on running his reelection campaign by allowing more immigrants into the country, we have a serious problem ["Immigration Reform on Bush Agenda"].
Lobbyists working with the White House said Bush is developing a plan that would allow immigrants to cross the border legally if jobs are waiting for them.
This is the key: Chapter 26 in the NAFTA treaty allows a myriad of trained immigrants to cross over the border to work in the United States for a fraction of the wages earned by Americans. This is a problem with the nursing industry in Arizona, New Mexico, and Texas, where nurses are being hired at $4 and $5 an hour - not the $15 to $20 the unionized nurses earn - to work in hospitals. After their days are over, the nurses are quickly shipped back to Mexico at the end of the day.
Any immigration "reform" that doesn't seal and protect the borders, end the visas for foreign workers and instead train Americans for these jobs, and send the illegals packing back to their homelands, is ass-backwards. The only thing liberalizing the border is going to do is lower American wages.
Instead, we should have a foreign policy that promotes nation self-sufficiency - essentially, building small economies, human and political rights, within nations to raise wages and remove any need for the illegals to come here. Once we do that, the immigration problem will be solved.
This is just another giveaway bill for big business which doesn't want to pay living wages for employment.
This move will outrage a lot of Bush's base - many of whom are guarding the borders armed like militia. However, they have nowhere to go, do they? The Democrats will also not take advantage of this issue because most would read my comments and call them xenophobic even though it is the most sensible solution to the problem.