Tuesday, December 30, 2003

Howard Dean's Greatest Hits… On His Opponents

The Lieberman campaign sent this out to people yesterday but I didn't get a chance to post it. It is hilarious when you think about the criticism that Dean has dished out on his opponents but now can't take the pummeling he is getting back.

Dean Said Democrats in Congress "Capitulated" to Bush’s Agenda
Dean said "congressional Democrats have capitulated to the president's agenda too often and are acting too much like Republicans -- and it is hurting them."
[AP, 1/26/03; in Hotline, 1/26/03]

Dean said the Democratic Party Misplaced Its Moral Compass and Forfeited the 2002 Elections
Former Vermont Gov. Howard Dean, who delivered a party-bashing speech to the group Thursday, hopes to persuade party voters that he is the most traditional Democrat in the nomination fight. "What is shameful is a national party that 'misplaces' its moral compass and cannot provide strong direction to its candidates, members and donors," read a four-page letter signed by Dean and obtained by The Associated Press. Speaking of the 2002 midterm elections, he said, "Too many races were not lost they were forfeited by our party's leadership and that is truly shameful."
[ABC News, 6/7/03]

Dean Accused Opponents of Saying Anything to Get Elected
He also criticized many of his Democratic opponents, saying that they are often "mealy-mouthed" and will say "whatever to get elected."
[Denver Post, 6/10/03]

Dean Said His Opponents Are "Bush Lite"
"These people are all good people … but I’m different than they are," former Vermont governor Howard Dean said, gesturing at the others on the stage. He said he had credentials as a governor and as a candidate who’s "not afraid" to fight. "If you want social justice in America, we have to have Democrats who are proud to be Democrats, and we have to stop being afraid of Democrats," he said. "We are not going to beat George Bush with Bush Lite."
[USA Today, 6/23/03]

Dean Said the Democratic Party was Unprincipled and Scared Silent
"Too many Democrats in Washington have become so afraid of losing that they have remained silent or only halfheartedly fought the very agenda that is destroying the democratic dream of America," [Dean] said yesterday. "In order to change America, we are going to have to change the Democratic Party, and make it stand for principles once again."
[Manchester Union Leader, 7/30/03]

Dean Called Joe Lieberman "Despicable" for Raising Questions About Dean’s Stance on the Middle East
"You know the honest truth is that most of this, I think what Joe and others are doing on Israel is despicable. I think that is a real mistake and it does divide the Democratic party which has been a very strong supporter of Israel. But I think, a lot of this stuff is motivated by my position in the polls right now and that’s part of politics. I don’t think it’s a good part of politics though and it’s Washington politics at its worst."
[CNN’s Wolf Blitzer Reports, 9/10/03]

Dean: We Are Out of Power in the White House… Because We Didn’t Stand Up for What We Believed In
"We have been silent too long. We are not out of power in the White House and the Senate and the Congress because George Bush ran a great campaign. We are out of power in the White House and the Congress and the United States Senate and the United States Supreme Court because we didn’t stand up for what we believed in. And now we’re going to stand up for what we believe in again."
[Dean Remarks to the Democratic National Committee Meeting, 10/3/03]

Dean Called Members of Congress "A Bunch of Cockroaches"
Howard Dean, who is increasingly giving his presidential candidacy an anti-Washington cast, cranked up his rhetoric on Tuesday, saying that if he won, members of Congress were "going to be scurrying for shelter, just like a giant flashlight on a bunch of cockroaches."
[New York Times, 10/15/03]

Dean Said His Opponents Did "Almost Nothing" to Improve Health Care
Dean said his opponents "with a combined three-quarters of a century in Washington, D.C., they have almost nothing to show for improving access to or quality of healthcare. … America needs someone in the White House who has a record of getting things done."
[Dean press release, 10/19/03]

Dean "Assaulted" Gephardt in the Mail and on the Air – in "the First Ad to Mention a Democratic Opponent by Name" – for Supporting the War in Iraq.
Democrat Howard Dean, in a close battle with Dick Gephardt in Iowa, launched a television commercial Monday that takes his rival to task for backing President Bush on the war against Iraq. In the first ad to mention a Democratic opponent by name, Dean questions Gephardt's work last fall with the Bush administration in drafting the congressional resolution authorizing the president to use force in Iraq. ... The television commercial follows a mailing sent last week criticizing Gephardt for his position on the war in Iraq. Gephardt voted to authorize the use of force, and more recently, to spend $87 billion on the rebuilding of Iraq and Afghanistan. The two-pronged assault on Gephardt underscores the intensity of the competition between the two.
[Associated Press, 11/17/03]

Dean Attacked Clinton’s Centrist Approach to Policymaking as "Damage Control."
"Some Democrats have accepted the Republican notion that the Social Contract cannot be preserved, let alone made stronger. While Bill Clinton said that the era of big government is over, I believe we must enter a new era for the Democratic Party -- not one where we join Republicans and aim simply to limit the damage they inflict on working families. I reject the notion that damage control must be our credo. I call now for a new era, in which we rewrite our Social Contract. We need to provide certain basic guarantees to all those who are working hard to fulfill the promise of America."
[Dean remarks on "Keeping the Promise of America," as prepared for delivery, 12/18/03]

Dean Called the DLC the "The Republican Wing of the Democratic Party."
"One of the reasons I wish the others guys running for president would tone it down a little bit is that at the end, we're all going to have to pull together in order to beat George Bush," [Dean] told several hundred people at a packed town hall meeting. And, he added, "even the Democratic Leadership Council, which is sort of the Republican part of the Democratic Party … the Republican wing of the Democratic Party, we're going to need them too, we really are."
[Los Angeles Times, 12/23/03]

Dean Likened Democratic Leaders to Prostitutes
Asked why he thinks the country is so polarized, Dean said that after the 2000 election Democrats simply "collapsed" for some "impossible-to-determine reason." "The president said, 'I want $1.2 trillion worth of tax cuts' when he first got there," Dean said. "The Democratic leaders' reaction to it was, 'Oh, no, it should only be $900 billion.' You know, you cede the debate to them. Now ... it's like Winston Churchill: 'We've already established what you are, madam, now we're just talking about the price.' It's ridiculous."
[Concord Monitor, 12/27/03]

Dean Attacked DNC Chairman Terry McAuliffe for Failing to Stop Opponents from Attacking Him
Complaining about the torrent of attacks raining down on him from his rivals for the Democratic presidential nomination, Howard Dean on Sunday criticized his party's national chairman, Terry McAuliffe, for not intervening to tone down the debate. "If we had strong leadership in the Democratic Party, they would be calling those other candidates and saying, “Hey look, somebody's going to have to win here," Dr. Dean, the former governor of Vermont, told reporters trailing him as he campaigned through central Iowa. Referring to one of Mr. McAuliffe's predecessors, he added, "If Ron Brown were the chairman, this wouldn't be happening."
[New York Times, 12/29/03]

What a crybaby hypocrite Dean is.