Friday, December 26, 2003

More on Nader ...
John Nichols has a pretty good piece on Nader's decision not to run as a Green: ["Election Matters: Fleeing the Greens"]. He makes two really good points:

The best bet is that the field of likely voters for the Greens or an independent Nader candidacy has shrunk significantly. Unless the Democrats destroy themselves, either with a fratricidal fight for the nomination or by selecting a pro-war, pro-free trade candidate like Joe Lieberman, 2004 is not shaping up as a particularly good year for breaking the grip of the two major parties.
Excellent point, and quite relevant.

... after Green Matt Gonzalez's near-win in the December 9 San Francisco mayoral race, Nader and the Greens ought at least to consider making 2004 a year for building capacity at the local level, rather than reducing capacity nationally.

Exactly. And after the Democratic Party collapses - and it will if it can't beat Bush - the Greens will be able to grasp even more political power from them.

Called up ... then fired!
Imagine, you serve your country in the National Guard or reserves and then some maniacal think tank-types who draft foreign policy for an AWOL, chickenhawk president decide you should be shipped off to die for oil. And your reward? Well, you're fired!: ["Pink slips greet returning soldiers"].

What the hell is this?
Got this link from a reader: ["Satellite Eyes Secret Project"]. Is it a secret pipeline? What the hell are they doing there? Maybe this whole invasion was about oil after all. It will be interesting to see if anything comes of this one. Isn't modern technology cool?