Tuesday, December 2, 2003

More on population shifts
The NYT has done an analysis on population shifts which have increased electoral votes in Republican strongholds: ["Shifts in States May Give Bush Electoral Edge"]. Simply put:
That change, a result of a population shift to Republican-friendly states in the South and West in the last several years, means the Republicans have a slight margin of error in 2004 while the Democrats will have to scramble just to pull even.
All the more reason for the Democrats to look towards a candidate who can win in the south and midwest.

Just not getting it
Great piece by Norm Solomon on Common Dreams about Pew spinning their poll results to keep "free trade" free: ["Pew Poll on "Trade" Doesn't Pass the Sniff Test"].
From the outset, it referred to protesters "voicing opposition to negotiations to create a free trade area" -- and equated support for "trade" with support for "free trade."

Tasteless or making a point?
Only in Norway, I guess: ["36-foot Jesus sparks outrage"].
While a 36-foot promotional poster of Jesus sporting a CD halo and a price tag on his head was meant to remind shopper of the true meaning of Christmas, the commercial additions to the image have sparked protest.

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