Wednesday, December 24, 2003

More polls ...
American Research Group has two new polls out from Arizona and Oklahoma.
In AZ, Howard Dean has 24 percent, with Clark at 15 percent, Joe Lieberman at 9 percent, Dick Gephardt at 7 percent, and Kerry at 6 percent. A whopping 35 percent are undecided.
In OK, Dean has 24 percent, with Clark nipping at 21 percent, and Lieberman at 9 percent. 34 percent are undecided.
On Monday, they posted numbers from South Carolina: Dean with 16 percent, the Rev. Al Sharpton and Clark tied with 12 percent, John Edwards at 11 percent, and Gephardt and Lieberman tied at 7 percent.

More pranks with a point
University of Washington student Republicans' bake sale was shut down because they had different prices for different races: ["College Bake Sales Spark Conflict"]. I love the comment by the president of the black student union saying the sale made him feel "itemized." You feel itemized? Imagine what it would be like to not get a job or scholarship just because you were white.

Kerry goes into the red ...
Well, at least now we have a rough idea what his Louisburg Square manse is worth: ["Kerry Takes a Mortgage of $6 Million on His House"].

NAFTA: A big flop
Great piece here which says it all: ["NAFTA has been a big flop"].

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