Sunday, December 7, 2003

Sharpton blackout!
After spending most of the day shoveling and blowing two feet of snow from my driveway, I settled down with a cold beer in front of the VCR to watch Al Sharpton on Saturday Night Live, which I taped from last night. The problem is that there was no Al Sharpton last night! Channel 7, the Boston NBC affiliate, blacked out the show and instead broadcast the best of Steve Martin. I was furious! So, I get on the computer, do a google, and find out that a lot of NBC affiliates refused to broadcast SNL: ["Viewers Miss Sharpton's 'SNL' Act"]. How friggin' trivial is this? 'Wah, we're worried about fairness issues, wah.' Well, if this is the case, then don't all the TV stations owe Ralph Nader [and other federal election independent candidates] a whole lot of free air time, since he was barred from the 2000 debates? If anyone knows where and when this will be rebroadcast, please email and let me know. Sharpton is really funny and I bet he was hilarious on SNL.

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