Wednesday, May 16, 2007

More fallout from the GOP debate

Exclusively, the Rep. Ron Paul edition. Check out some of these links:
["Watch the Do-nut, not the hole"]
["Paul victor-apparent of second straight GOP debate ..."]
["Thoughts on tonights Foxnews debate"] [sic]
["Who Won the GOP Debate?"]
Over at Daily Kos, they offered another post-debate poll: "Who did the best job of winning Republican primary votes (remembering that you, in all probability, do not think like a Republican primary voter)." Sure, it's a trick question.
Here are the results, with 4,260 voting: Paul, listed twice, 35 combined percent, Rudy 14, "Newt, Thompson (Fred div.), misc." 11, Mitt 11, Huckabee 7, Gilmore "(the Girl who didn't make the series finale tonight)" 6, McCain 5, Tancredo 3, Hunter 1, Thompson "Tommy division" 1.

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